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Trouble delivering on time?

Lots of software teams have these characteristics.

Unreliable and late delivery

Feel like delivery of products features takes forever? Always having to delay technical innovation to get it done?

High Stress and Overtime

Always so close to the deadline? Need to put in extra hours closer to delivery? Is this a pattern that keeps happening over and over?

Quality Issues and Defects

Do defects keep adding to your pile of work? Does it keep adding to delay? Are customers unhappy? Does it feel like your team will never get to the bottom of it?

We take you from




to Sustainable


to High-Performing

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Kyle Chandler

Founder and CEO of IntelliPivot inc.

“Our GOOD COMPANY initiative aims to create a piece of internet history documenting extraordinary actions companies are taking to help relieve workers and the public during pandemic. We hope that it encourages more extraordinary support. You can contribute by helping us identify any GOOD COMPANIES we are missing.”

Our Clients


Service Delivery Transformation

Install a proven work-flow management method (Kanban) that helps you detect and eliminate bottlenecks. Progressively evolve towards agility.

Agile Team Build

Create a team and structure from scratch that knows how to deliver using iterative agile practices and mindset. Deliver your first features in months.

Training Workshops

On-site or virtual training on core aspects of agile delivery. Combined with workshops that help you do a gap analysis, and determine next steps. 

Staff Augmentation

Agile Coaches

Scrum Masters

Service Delivery Managers

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