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High Performing Teams have Selfless Members

The united states Navy Seals are considered one of the most elite forces in the world. One of the highest performing groups on the planet. To become a Navy Seal they have to go through something called BUDS, which is a multi month selection process which destroys their bodies, and the vast majority of people will drop out and never become seals because it is so aggressive.

A former seal was asked, what kind of person will make it through buds.

Some of the guys who become seals are skinny, and scrawny. Some of the guys, who become seals, you will actually see them shivering out of fear. There is one thing that they all have in common. When they are emotionally exhausted. When they are physically exhausted. When they have absolutely nothing left to give. Every single one of them is able to dig down deep inside of themselves to find the energy to help the guy next to them. Those are the guys that become seals. In other words, the highest performing teams on the planet are not the strongest, are not the smartest, and are not the fastest.

The highest performing teams on the planet are the ones that give to each other selflessly. They commit themselves to taking care of each other and this is what makes a great team.

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