You wouldn't believe what destroys team performance

Stress, delays, and sleepless nights don’t have to be your norm. Most teams are under-performing. Find out why and give your organization an advantage that your competition will find difficult to match. 

What you'll get

revealing case study

Learn where stress comes from and how it's signals an under-performing teams.

Leader Style Tweaks

Use them to shift to performance behaviour amongst teams immediately.

Performance Boosters

The key actions leaders can take to boost team performance and the traps they most often fall into.

Performance Killers

Unexpected behaviours that most teams use that prevent them from ever becoming high performing.

For Leaders and Delivery Groups

Discover surprising techniques, that eliminates stress and boosts productivity for your delivery group and its teams.

Create a competitive advantage that is difficult for your competitors to match. 

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Meet the Author

Kyle is a leadership and organizational transformation coach based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kyle brings half-a-decade of experience teaching, empowering and transforming leaders and their workforce. 

Kyle employs a multidisciplinary approach to changes that optimize organizational culture and delivery performance. These include popular approaches like Kanban and Agile methods, as well as business performance management techniques like OKR’s, balanced score cards and rewards & recognition. 

Kyle Chandler

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