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Creating Capacity with Kanban

A growing company usually means adding more people to the team to handle the additional workload. But adding personnel also adds costs: recruiting, onboarding, training, extra workspace & equipment, never mind salary and benefits. Hiring the wrong people escalates the costs and slashes ROI – think dismissal, turnover, and going through the whole recruitment, onboarding, and training process again. While hiring new people is sometimes inevitable to keep pace with… Read More »Creating Capacity with Kanban

Learning to Say Yes to Saying No

Nearly all leaders have a hard time learning when to say no. With so many people in an organization making demands for their projects to take priority, it’s easy to be pressured into saying “yes” prematurely – or worse, hedging and saying “maybe” to avoid conflict. But learning that it’s ok to objectively prioritize can prevent unnecessary interdepartmental conflict. Saying no when it’s necessary is akin to being honest. It… Read More »Learning to Say Yes to Saying No

How Can I Keep My Team Focused?

We all do it. We all make commitments, sometimes even knowing that we can’t keep them as we’re making them. But what about those times when we make commitments without even realizing it? I know that when I make a promise and can’t deliver, I will do everything I can to try and meet that promise. When we make unrealistic commitments, it negatively impacts sustainability in our work. A typical… Read More »How Can I Keep My Team Focused?

Business Woman stressed on a computer

3 Steps to Decrease Stress and Increase Focus using Kanban

If you’re like me, you hate feeling over-worked. You hate being pulled in many different directions and not being able to focus on what’s important. You find it very difficult to communicate what you have on the go and how overloaded you are. You notice that you can’t get anything done, and the pressure to get things done is high. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s hard to gauge just… Read More »3 Steps to Decrease Stress and Increase Focus using Kanban

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