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zipper merge

I Hate Zipper Merges!

Zipper merges drive me insane. The highway has a sudden bottleneck – one minute you’re driving with several lanes open, and suddenly six lanes collapse into four or two.  And while some people politely wait their turn to merge, aggressive drivers pass everyone up and zip into the merge lane at the last minute. (It’s infuriating, but actually, that’s also totally correct.) The result is often road rage, loud horns,… Read More »I Hate Zipper Merges!

5 Steps to Limit WIP and accelerate delivery

5 Easy Steps to Limit Work In Progress and Accelerate Delivery

Most of the advice out there I read on the Kanban method tells you to limit work-in-progress. It seems simple, but in practice, it can be hard to achieve. In this article, I’m going to help you understand how to succeed with limiting work-in-progress and answer the critical question, “How do I determine what WIP limit to use”? What Are Work-In-Progress Limits Stop Starting, Start Finishing Limiting work-in-progress is about starting… Read More »5 Easy Steps to Limit Work In Progress and Accelerate Delivery

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