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Your Daily Struggle

The stakes are high. As a leader, you’re pressed from all directions to deliver innovative products or services. The pressure is relentless. The obstacles ahead look daunting. You’re weary of creating a burn out culture, yet the challenges require unsurmountable efforts. You are careful to balance the needs of your delivery groups and teams with enormous expectations from stakeholders to deliver on time.

It seems that every major delivery milestone comes down to the wire, and this puts you in a state of constant worry. Will we finish on time? What will our stakeholders think if we don’t? The stress is agonizing.This kind of pressure leads to burnout and is bad for your morale, health, and wellbeing. It affects everyone within your delivery group, and it is flat out unsustainable. 

This way of working is 100% avoidable and in your control! Yet, it is difficult to determine what actions will make a real difference and provide relief. Beware though, certain actions that feel helpful can actually accelerate burnout and strangle productivity.

This e-book will reveal the optimal actions that tackle this problem and boost productivity, sustainability, and profitability for your business. Also, it will illuminate hidden opportunities to transform your business and create a competitive advantage that most businesses don’t have.

-Excerpt from the ebook

Performance killers

High utilization

A common misconception that keeping everyone busy increase productivity. We explain why this isn't true.

Starting work early

If you think starting work early means that it will finish on time, this e-book will blow your mind.


Find out why forecasting using estimates is actually making you less accurate.

Early commitments

Unexpected behaviours that most teams use that prevent them from ever becoming high performing.

High Utilization leads to delays

The logic here seems obvious. If people work 100% of the time, then work will be completed faster. Unfortunately, it’s just not true and knowing this is the first step to increasing productivity. There is less impact to productivity for work that is well known and repetitive, but complexity of work across most industries continues to rise, and the impact of this mindset with it. Studies show that customer waiting times more than doubles when utilization of people moves from 80% to 90%. It doubles again as it moves from 90% to 95% (Thomke & Reinersten, 2012). If you’re still not convinced, check out why starting work too early is just as bad as keeping people busy…

-Excerpt from the ebook

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