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Agile CoachIng service

For small to medium businesses

Affordable Fixed Prices

Agile Coaching at a fraction of the cost. Fixed prices ensure you get value no matter the timeline.

Crystal Clear Deliverables

Packages designed to give you crystal clear deliverables that are tailored to your team's context and specific needs.

Superior Business Results

We carefully qualify clients before we make any promises. We'll only work with clients that are likely to achieve business outcomes.

Service Offerings


Assess and Ignite business performance!
Reduce time-to-market by 50%!
Double your capacity without doubling the size of your team!



Situation analysis, desired state, and recommendations to get there.
$4950 CDN
  • Service Identification
  • Assemble Change Team
  • Basic Training
  • Establish Change Motivators
  • Demand & Capability Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Recommendations


Build out and start using your initial work-flow management system.
$14,950 CDN
  • Includes ASSESS
  • Advanced Training
  • System Design
  • System Implementation


Accelerate existing work-flow management systems toward business results.
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  • Includes IGNITE
  • Recommendations

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